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Workplace Wellness

In addition to providing individual and group holistic health counselling services, Laurie also provides workplace wellness programs. Laurie works with employers who are interested in supporting their staff’s health and wellness. Her holistic counselling services result in healthier staff, better team productivity, and fewer illness-related business costs.

Laurie’s holistic health counselling programs give employees the chance to make a positive change to their health in the workplace, which boosts workplace morale and helps to create a healthier work environment for all. Laurie believes that optimum health begins and ends with food and improved mental health management.

Listed below are some ideas about possible staff workshops and retreats. Please know that you can mix and match the topics. That way you can ensure that your workshop will be the best fit for your staff's learning needs. Also, we can customize a learning event that is specific to your team. Do you have an idea that you want to explore?

1. Workshops & Retreats

Are you looking for a health professional that will inspire your staff and share innovative ways of learning self-care topics? In Laurie’s workshops and corporate retreats, your staff will gain health and wellness knowledge that will improve all areas of their lives.

Laurie offers either half or full day workshops/retreats on:

  • Holistic Self–Care & Breaking The Stress Cycle
  • The Food & Mental Health Management Connection
  • Holistic Self Care Plans: What are they and why do I need one?

2. Holistic Nutrition Consultation for Residential Centers

After spending many years working in residential settings (group homes, homeless shelters, and residential treatment programs), I understand the struggle involved with feeding 3 meals and snacks each day to the consumers and participants of your programs. The desire to provide great food while meeting your food budgets is a real concern.

It has been my experience that when nutrition adjustments are made, anxiety levels decrease and people have better therapeutic outcomes. If the foods served in your facility are increasing the anxiety of your residents, this could be playing a role in mental health and addictions relapses.

This service is for both publically and privately funded residential facilities. If you are interested in using nutrition as part of your treatment and recovery programs, then I have the knowledge and experience to help you move your programs to a truly holistic approach.

Services include

  • Holistic Nutrition Training for your kitchen and life skills staff
  • Consultation related to meal planning and menu development

3. Lunch & Learns

Are you looking for a creative and casual way to increase your staff’s interest in improved health and wellness? 1 Hour - Employee Lunch & Learns are a delicious and efficient way to promote positive health choices.

Topics include:

  • Healthy Eating for the Busy Employee
  • The Food & Mood Connection
  • How Much Sugar is Too Much Sugar?
  • Emotional Eating: Your Heart and Your Health
  • Exercise Motivation
  • Ending Mindless Eating
  • Nutrition Basics for the Busy Family

4. 4 Part Holistic Nutrition & Yoga Workshop Series

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