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Nutrition Assessment and Counselling Services

Everybody has different health and wellness goals. No matter what the goal, building better nutritional health can provide assistance.

Your goal might be to:

  • Live better with a physical and mental health concerns
  • Establish better weight management
  • Decrease stress
  • Build better physical and mental health
  • Have more energy
  • Run that extra mile
  • Stop smoking
  • Break the cycle of emotional eating
  • Support your recovery of a chronic illness

Your nutritional plans should be individual and based on your particular needs. Through individual nutrition counselling meetings, together we will find the nutritional plan that best fits your needs. The nutrition counseling sessions help you make better food and lifestyle choices, and build motivation and follow up to keep going in the direction of your health dreams.

I see it all of the time. People feel like they are eating well and taking good care of them selves, but they want to fine-tune a few things. Sometimes I see that people think they are doing well, but in actual fact they are listening to the diet and food industry for their nutritional information; then eating way too much sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Often people are not eating enough healthy fats and protein, but how much do you need to eat each day? Have you ever wondered if you are living with vitamin or mineral deficiencies?

Would you like to have an individualized nutrition and healthy lifestyle assessment?

In these Nutrition Assessment and Counselling Sessions you will receive:

  • A full lifestyle assessment. Your results will help you build better life skills to help support your health and wellness goals. Maybe you need to build more stress management and self- care in your life, or get more organized with your meal planning and grocery shopping. Maybe you need some extra motivation to get your exercise up and running on more consistent bases.
  • Three individualized feedback sessions that explain the assessment results. You will leave these sessions with:
    • A list of foods to increase and decrease
    • Recommendations of possible supplements
    • Recommendations of blood work to be completed
    • Exercise recommendations that support your health and wellness goals
    • Follow up material and handouts that will support your health and wellness journey
    • Referrals to other services and health professionals
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