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CALMer Kids Program

CALMer KIDS is a 12-Week, structured, cognitive behavioural counselling, and nutritional support program will teach you how to become an anxiety and stress detective for your child. This program will help your family learn to regulate emotions and help your child learn healthy coping behaviours. Our new CALMer KIDS program will set you on the path for improved mental health management for you and your whole family.

  • Is your child’s anxiety and OCD impacting your whole family?
  • Is your child going back and forth to counselling meetings, and Dr. appointments and still not feeling better?
  • Maybe your child is taking medications that are knocking the energy and joy from your family’s life?
  • Are your child’s emotional outbursts becoming challenging at home and at school?
  • Are your child’s rituals ruling the lives of all your family members?
  • Is your child spending many hours alone, without interactions with friends and family?
  • Are there people in your house who are not sleeping?
  • Are you and your child are living each day with knots in your bellies?
  • Is your child physically unwell, talking lots about aches and pains?
  • Is your child becoming violent towards themselves and other family members?
  • As a parent you are feeling worry and concern over almost everything?

Does this sound like your family? At Feeding Futures we keep telling clients: “Your family does not have to live like this.”

The anxiety and mood management results that people getting with our CALMer KIDS – Calm Anxiety Life Management (Emotional Regulation) Program, are blowing our minds! When families make a purposeful effort to live with a child’s anxiety and OCD in a more holistic way – when you see the need to decide to combine emotional and physical health areas, magical things can happen!

At Feeding Futures we know that mental health treatment programs must have holistic approaches – but often families are missing important information about holistic health elements. Unfortunately, nutrition is almost always glazed over and not given the specific attention it deserves. After years of this work, we know that traditional doctors and therapists know very little about how food, sleep, physical activity, social connections and positive family relationships can decrease anxiety.

One of the biggest missing pieces of family centred care is this – useful emotional regulation therapy. If your family is living with anxiety and OCD, we know that a particular type of counselling called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) really works! Actually, it has been proven to work! That is why all of our programs are CBT based. How the anxious brain works, and how to work with the anxious brain is key learning for anyone living with anxiety and OCD – no matter what the age. Why focus on nutrition, exercise and mental health counselling at the same time? Because this holistic approach impacts everything!

So, think about this – when was the last time you attacked your child’s anxiety and OCD from all of these holistic levels?

Have you ever seen a program that offers all of these holistic tools all in the one place? We are betting that you can’t find one! That is why we have created this new 12 Week Holistic Anxiety and OCD Management Program.

The CALMer KIDS program sets the foundation for long-term family anxiety management. This structured, cognitive behavioural counselling and nutritional support program will get you focused and set you on the path for improved mental health management for you and your whole family.

Like all years, we only have space for 10 families, and some of those spaces are already filled. Please contact us for your assessment, and become part of the empowered, holistic care parenting community.

This program is for you if you:

  • care for a loved one with anxiety or ADD/ADHD
  • are worried about your own mental health & daily stress levels
  • are aware of how your child’s anxiety and moods are impacting your family
  • would like to learn about a more holistic ways of managing mental health
  • your child’s mood, anxiety or depression is impacting your relationships in your home
  • want to make a long-term mental health change for your family
  • are you feeling bad about your parenting skills and often overwhelmed
  • are ready to do something different to take care of your child’s mental and physical health
  • are confused about the nutrition and health information out there
  • would like to know more about nutrition’s role in your anxiety & ADD/ADHD mood management
  • tired of feeling like you are the problem and nothing is ever going to change
  • are sitting on an endless waiting list for services
  • have ever felt judged by other counseling programs when you were struggling
  • have tried other counseling programs that don’t provide you with hands on tools and you just end up back in the same place
  • have other health concerns that improved nutrition could provide help manage
  • have a high stress job and/or personal life
  • know that the answer doesn’t always have to be medications
  • have trouble staying motivated to take care of your own self-care
  • would like to know more about how nutrition, exercise and other holistic treatment approaches can help your child’s mental health
  • would like new meals and wellness tips
  • would like to make a holistic health change, but are not really sure where to start or what to do

As being part of this program, you will:

  • learn why living well with a mental health concern requires optimum nutrition
  • acquire the knowledge of why moderate exercise is an essential component of your family’s mental health management.
  • learn how to eat to help you and your family manage your mood regulation and busy life
  • learn about therapeutic diets and how they provide mental health improvements
  • see how your moods directly impact the moods of your child
  • receive up to date knowledge about vitamin and mineral deficiencies and their role in mental health management
  • learn what foods can increase anxiety and other mental health symptoms
  • understand that you are the best model for mental health that your children can have
  • learn what foods can calm moods
  • learn more about the mood and food connection for everyone in your family
  • see that when one area of mental health management improves, so will other areas
  • gain the motivation to keep going – even when you feel like going back to your old ways of eating and thinking
  • acquire counseling tools to help you better regulate moods and life
  • receive feedback and accountability to help you reach your goals
  • learn to fall in love with your life again by using nutrition and exercise to support your mental health
  • understand the importance of using effective & personalized self-care methods for improved mental health
  • learn how supplements can improve the quality of your child’s mental health
  • understand how to work with your child’s physical and mental need as opposed to against it
  • understand how improved communication and problem solving skills can lead to better mental and physical health for your entire family
  • learn what you can do on a daily bases to take better care of yourself
  • build stronger awareness of your physical-mental health connection

Once you are in the program, you will receive:

  • An all-encompassing Anxiety, ADD/ ADHD Family & Nutrition Assessment – This assessment will help us create the foundation for your CALMer KIDS program and help you set goals for the next 12 weeks.
  • A full assessment of your child’s current sensory processing needs, anxiety, strengths, and individualized motivational tools.
  • Bi-Weekly alternating, 1-on-1, 45-minute Skype or FaceTime follow-up sessions with Laurie for nutrition consulting and Lisa for mood regulation programming and support.
  • Home visits or virtual assessments by Lisa to help design family-specific therapy approaches.
  • Email support throughout the program.
  • Weekly nutritional and mood regulation handouts to help guide you.
  • Weekly healthy recipes that are easy to make and will excite your taste buds!

In being part of this program, you will:

  • Understand the difference between real food and fake food so that you can make empowered and informed choices to benefit your child’s whole health.
  • Gain the family motivation necessary to keep going – even when you feel like it would be easier for your family to go back to your old ways of eating and thinking about food.
  • Develop a natural, easy, and strength-based approach to nutrition & mental health management for your whole family.
  • Understand how to work with your child’s needs as opposed to against them.
  • Decrease your child’s anxiety & ADD/ADHD through a positive, holistic family-focused approach.
  • Receive feedback and accountability to help your family reach its goals.
  • Learn to fall in love with your life again.

Imagine having a nutrition consultant on your support team who has hands-on experience and has completed extensive research on this topic! And a therapist who understands the daily issues of raising a child with anxiety, ADD, and mood regulation issues.

Where would your family be in 3 months time if you finally got the mental health management information, support, and counseling you have been looking for? Are you ready for real change in your life? Are you ready to discover the possibilities?

If you are ready to do things differently and to set the stage for long-lasting health change, call me and together we will discuss if the CALMer KIDS – Calm Anxiety & ADD Life Management (Emotional Regulation) is for you!

The CALMer KIDS – Calm Anxiety & ADD/ADHD Life Management (Emotional Regulation) Program sets the foundation for long-term anxiety, ADD/ADHD & OCD management improvements. This structured, counseling and nutritional support program will get you focused, and set you on the path for improved family mental health management. You will leave the CALMer KIDS program equipped with practical ways to build holistic anxiety management skills, with a heightened knowledge of yourself, your child’s mental health needs, the anxious brain, and with the motivation to keep your family moving forward.

Feeding Futures has created a unique nutrition and emotional regulation family therapy program – one that is science-based and positive. We use a gentle, child-directed, highly motivational and family friendly approach to anxiety management. Through building on your holistic nutrition knowledge, how anxiety impacts the body, and family emotional regulation skills, CALMer KIDS will support your family’s transition from a place of less chaos to more calm.

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