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CALM Program

The CALM – Calm Anxiety Life Management Program sets the foundation for long-term anxiety management improvements. This structured Self- Regulating, Cognitive Behavioural counselling and nutritional support program will get you focused and set you on the path for improved mental health management for you and your family. You will leave the CALM program equipped with practical ways to build on your anxiety management skills, with a heightened knowledge of yourself, and with the motivation to keep moving forward.

This program is for you if you:

  • Are worried about your own mental health
  • Are aware that your anxiety impacts you and your family members
  • Care for a loved one with anxiety
  • Would like to learn more holistic ways of managing mental health
  • Your mood, anxiety or depression is impacting your personal and work relationships
  • Are considering making a long-term health change
  • Are tired of feeling bad about yourself and overwhelmed
  • Are ready to do something different to take care of your mental and physical health
  • Are confused about all of the nutrition and health information out there, but would like to know more about how nutrition can support your anxiety regulation
  • Are excited about the idea of having a health professional who is interested in your long-term health goals and improvements
  • Feel like you are the problem and nothing is ever going to change
  • Have ever felt judged by other counseling programs when you were struggling
  • Have tried other counseling programs and just end up back in the same place
  • Have physical health concerns that improved nutrition would be supportive of
  • Have a high stress job and/or personal life
  • Have trouble staying motivated to exercise
  • Would like to know more about how nutrition, exercise and other holistic treatment approaches can help your mental health
  • Would like new meals and wellness tips
  • Would like to make a health change, but are not really sure where to start or what to do

This is a very detailed, one on one resource packed program. Here are all of the items people get in this program:

  • Over 7 hours of 1 on 1 counseling sessions. 1 assessment and 6 follow up 1-hour meetings.
  • Unlimited email contact with me for 12 weeks.
  • 13 mental health supporting recipes that are easy to make and will excite your taste buds!
  • Workbooks that are jam-packed with nutrition information and wellness improving activities.
  • Homework activities to keep you on track.
  • Referrals to other healing professionals.
  • Feedback on your daily health and wellness journals.
  • Priority for registering in any health and wellness workshops and retreats

As being part of this program, you will:

  • Learn where anxiety lives in your brain and body
  • Learn how to work with the anxious brain
  • Learn why living well with a mental health concern requires optimum nutrition
  • Acquire Cognitive Behavioural and Self-Regulation counseling tools to help you better regulate your mood and life
  • Acquire the knowledge of why moderate exercise and stress management are an essential component of your mental health management
  • Learn how to eat to help you manage your mood and busy life
  • Learn about therapeutic diets and how they provide mental health improvements
  • Receive up to date knowledge about vitamin and mineral deficiencies and their role in mental health management
  • Learn what foods increase anxiety and other mental health symptoms
  • Learn what foods calm your moods and help you manage your life
  • Learn more about the mood and food connection for everyone in your family
  • Gain the motivation to keep going – even when you feel like going back to your old ways of eating and thinking
  • Learn to fall in love with your life again by using nutrition and exercise to support your mental health
  • Understand the importance of using effective and personalized self-care methods for improved mental health
  • Learn how supplements can improve the quality of your mental health
  • Understand how to work with your body as opposed to against it
  • Build stronger awareness of your physical-mental health connection

The progress people are making while practicing their new anxiety management skills are blowing me away! People are experiencing:

  • Having fewer panic attacks
  • Feeling more moments of calmness
  • Enjoying their new exercise routines because they are feeling more confident to get to the gym and go for walks
  • Making medication reductions
  • Experiencing less physical pain
  • Getting great feedback from their family doctors, counsellors and psychiatrists
  • Excitement because they are learning about their brain, where their anxiety lives and what to do about that
  • Having fewer sugar cravings…..and I could go on!

Imagine where you would be in 12 weeks time if you finally got the mental health management information, support, and counseling you have been looking for. Are you ready for real change in your life? Are you ready to discover the possibilities? If you are ready to do things differently and to set the stage for long-lasting health change, call me and together we will discuss if the CALM – Calm Anxiety Life Management is the program for you!

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